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Riders Trend, is one of the most reliable Manufacturers & committed supplier to provide the best quality Equestrian Products at most competitive prices with prompt deliveries.

We are specializing in Half Chaps, Gaiters, Riding Gloves and Himalayan Salt Licks since last more than two decades. Our customers from all over the world are enjoying their market reputation by selling our products. 

Technical Specifications of the Materials we use:

We use raw materials & components of best quality to ensure our products are best in quality & life. Our leather & material inspectors check all materials/leather before production to ensure the committed quality & to avoid any risk of complaints & to ensure speedy delivery.

Leather we use to make our Products:

Most leather today is taken from cows because of their size,  availability, and exceptional quality of leather. As well as we use Sheep Skin & Goat Leather.

Aniline/Analine Leather:

The softest most luxurious leather available anywhere today.  Full aniline is 100% natural hide without any coating and has  a gorgeous look and beautiful feel to it. It is a perfect leather  for  those who want the ultimate in looks and comfort.

Waxy-Aniline Leather:

Waxy aniline leather has additional oily wax applied to the Aniline leather (described above). A  great leather for those who are looking for a totally natural exceptionally soft look  and feel.

Semi Aniline/ Smooth  Leather:

Semi-aniline leather is produced through a very similar process to full-aniline, but has a thin protective top coat  added to protect it from wear and staining.

Nubuck Leather:

Nubuck leather is a soft, beautiful & luxurious leather that displays a brushed appearance.  The leather is made when a top-grain or full-grain hide of leather is sanded on top till the top till the fibers become a soft, nappy Nubuck finish.

Full Grain / Top Grain Leather:

Full grain/top grain leather is most commonly used for everyday riding half chaps & gaiters. A light surface coating which contains small amount of pigment is applied to increased the durability of the hide.

Split Suede Leather:

Suede leather is produced from the under layer of the hide that has been split.  The split side is aniline dyed and  buffed to create the typical velvety effect.

Sheep-skin Leather:

Sheepskin is the hide of a sheep, sometimes also called lambskin. Drum-dyed Sheepskin leather is extremely soft, durable and light weight leather.

Goatskin Leather:

Goatskin is more durable than cowhide. It is softer and more supple because of the lanolin in the leather. This lightweight hide is flexible.

Serino Synthetic PU:

Serino Synthetic leather for Riding Gloves, which is both wear-resistant and elastic and offers equestrians an excellent grip on the reins and the tactility they need. This material is available in different designs & colours.

Amara / Clarino:

CLARINO is one of the world's most popular synthetic leathers. It has same tensile strength as genuine leather. However, CLARINO is three times stronger than real leather, requiring only a third of real leather's weight to achieve equal tear strength. Clarino is Comfortable and Breathable. CLARINO can be washed either by hand or with a machine. Light rain has no effect and will not leave water spots. Excellent versitality, CLARINO comes in dozens of colors.

4-Way Spandex:

Specially developed nylon fabric with features of four sides stretch to create the mobility of hands in gloves. Give an extra soft feel when applies on gloves.


Lycra is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. Soft from fitting, stretch with your own directions, used for ventilation and comfort features.


Air-Mesh fabrics are designed to move moisture away from the body and enhance fabric drying, keeping you feeling cool and dry.

YKK Vislon Zippers:

The World's most reliable and functionally perfect zippers available in Plastic & Nylon.

Short About Us

Riders trend is committed to become the leading brand of all kind of gloves in the world. We plan to accomplish our goal through providing the best quality and most innovative sports gloves available.

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